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forgot to post the rose quartz i drew a while ago

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Change your mind doodles - doodleboogle

Really really really old ass drawings from when cym came out, enjoy !

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you've seen THAT

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Want to actually post here so, I give you a Steven

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S T E V E N U N I V E R S E D I S C O R Dbecause i don't have enough chats already


↳ For Waterfall Users ↳ Accepting of Kinnies ↳ Has 2x System Bots ↳ Self Roles with !rank ↳ Suggestions Welcome ↳ Gemsonas? Yes ↳ Court Chats ↳ White Court ↳ Yellow Court ↳ Blue Court ↳ Pink Court ↳ Contests? Maybe ↳ If this chat gets big I will host contests and possibly a gemsona based roleplay group or section


CLICK HERE TO JOIN !!! Repours appreciated!!!